Making Royal Memories

Wasn’t Kate a beautiful bride?  Whether you are a royal watcher, or not, you have to admit it was a beautiful wedding.  My daughter is a true princess.  Every time we watch a princess movie, she is absolutely giddy during the wedding.  Watching a real-live prince marry his princess is a dream come true for my little girl. 
Just for fun, we invited all of the girls from her kindergarten class to our house, to watch the royal wedding.  Gowns were required. Tiaras were optional.  Of course, we only watched about 5 minutes of the actual wedding.  We hit the important parts like, the red carpet walk, the vows, the carriage ride, and the kiss on the royal balcony.  The girls loved it!

We had a few royal snacks.

We made some royal memories with friends.
I’m all about creating special moments for my kids.  I’d be willing to bet that this is one of those days my daughter will always remember.

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