LeapFrog Epic

I feel like it’s taken me a while to really get to know this new LeapFrog Epic, but I am really feeling like this thing really is EPIC!
The LeapFrog Epic is the newest tablet that they have come out with.  It has a very durable case and looks totally different than any of their other tablets.  The older tablets come in a package that looks like a typical toy, while the Epic comes in a box and looks more like a Kindle or Nook when it’s coming out of the box.  It feels super grown-up.
Many of the games that I had on our old tablets were easy to upload onto EPIC, but they look different on the screen.  Instead of showing a little square with the picture and name of the game, it shows a little circle-icon. 
 Maybe I just haven’t found it yet, but I don’t think there is a place to insert cartridges.  So, I just use the cartridges on the older tablets. 
 I still LOVE the LeapFrog brand and I am thoroughly impressed with the amount of research and testing that goes into every single game.  I love the self-leveling system, and the way the tablet is smart enough to figure out if a game needs to be harder or easier for your child.  This new look is SUPER cool and feels very grown up.  It doesn’t look like a toy but still has the same durability.  My only complaint is the stylus.  It has a soft and squishy end on the tip and it was chewed off in the first 3 minutes of kindergarten.  Overall, I think it’s their best product yet… well, except nothing can beat the Letter Factory DVD that LeapFrog makes.  Ok, it’s their second best product yet!

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