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I can’t say this enough: Every experience our children have, directly impacts their literacy.

Art is a form of self expression which I have never felt “good” at. Drawing is really hard for me. In kindergarten, we make lots of charts with pictures. I try to draw little sketches by our sentences, to remind kids of what we were talking about. My pictures don’t even begin to look like the thing I have tried to draw. Art books are really helpful to me, as a mom and a teacher. I found this book at the book store and fell in love. I love the step by step instructions in provides for each project.

How does art enhance our literacy lives?

*As you are creating art with your child, there is obviously conversation and rich vocabulary.
*For young children, directionality and position words also help in vocabulary development.
*In a book, like the one above, there is some direction following and reading involved in creating the finished product.

*Self expression is my favorite reason for creating art with my kids.
*Art lends itself to creating stories, writing poems, and singing songs.
*Art is multi-sensory and lends itself well to creating mental images (one of our core comprehension strategies).
*A piece of art work can tell a story, allowing kids to tell or write using the progression of events in the story.

I’m not an artistic person and art is really not in my comfort zone.  I value art and all that it contributes in the lives of our children. 

Create. Explore. Imagine. Experience.

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