I Believe

I’m a kindergarten teacher. Most school days are filled with joy, laughter, singing, dancing, projects, and rich learning experiences. Some days, I go home feeling very discouraged, like the things I do are not enough to make a difference in a child’s life. For some kids, home life is not filled with the same joy and laughter as their school lives. I’m not just talking about the kids who come from troubled homes. I’m also talking about kids who come from homes with great, loving and caring, parents and stable home lives.

I’m not a perfect parent. My kids probably watch more TV than I’d like. My son likes his video games. My daughter plays with Barbies. (GASP… I know Barbies are controversial these days, but she likes them and I’m fine with that. Actually, I ENJOY the Barbie movies as much as she does.) My husband and I love our kids dearly, but we both work and always feel the guilt that comes with combining too much work and not enough play.

On the other hand, I have strong beliefs about the experiences I want my children to have. I want my children to go to the zoo, visit the beach, build castles by the ocean, release butterflies on a warm summer day, and learn to garden. I believe all children should have time to play outside, invent their own games, care for animals, and run through a hay field. I want my kids to experience life like everyday is a field trip, a chance to learn something new.

I want my own children to have amazing life experiences. I believe my students deserve to have these experiences too. I also want your children to have experiences they will hold in their hearts forever, look back on with fond memories, and maybe even write about.

Welcome to Love, Laughter, and Literacy. We’ll be keeping children and experiences at the heart of your home.

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