Documenting Learning On Instagram

Are you on Instagram? I post pictures of home life, my kids, family vacations, and school life on my Instagram account. Come join me! My user name is homeiswheremystorybegins. I’d love it if you would follow me.

I’ve been using hashtags, which my 14 year old reminds me that using hashtags does not make me cool. Ha! I was on Instagram before the teen crowd had even discovered it!
#CTInquiry is a great one that is inquiry based. #teachersofinstagram, #allaboutinquiry, and #makelearningvisible are all hashtags that I’m starting to use.

Come join me, friends! Help me prove to my 14 year old that I have followers who are old enough to drive.
Search for me on Instagram. homeiswheremystorybegins 

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