Celebrating the 4th

CC, like most young ones I know, loves holidays.  She loves everything about celebrating – eating good food, visiting friends and family, and most of all decorating.  You can look in just about every room in our home and she has added her own brand of decoration in random places – an collection of orange streamers on the wall in our family room, a post-it in a bathroom with a smiley face on it, a card taped to the wall of the office that she addressed to the family, she even decorated her new playset in our backyard with squares of colored paper.  When we started talking about the 4th she started jumping around excitedly about decorating -you’d think I had just announced a trip to Disneyland! 
We jumped on Pinterest for inspiration, decided on a garland, and started the hunt for supplies.  Around here a lot of the fun is in the search!  We collected scrapbook paper, ribbon, glue sticks and got to work.  As the creating began, so did the learning.

CC decided on the pattern, naturally sorting by colors.  We talked about each color and the sounds in each.  Two of the sound/letter correspondence CC mixes up is /y/ and /w/ so it was a great opportunity to isolate the /w/ sound in white and decide on what letter makes that sound.  She is also reading CVC words so we talked about the sounds and letters in red.  All of this occurred in about a minute, with no prior planning on my part, just a little parental knowledge.

It was serious business once we got started.  White, red, blue, white, red, blue with a double check in there to make sure everything was going right. 

Great find motor practice folding, cutting, and applying glue for CC.  So much learning and she had no idea.  She was just over the moon that we were decorating for a holiday.  

The last step in our holiday decoration was for CC to cut the triangle shapes out of the garland.  I did some, she did some.  The don’t all match, but I love them even more because they don’t.  She was so proud of herself when it was finished.

Our garland headed straight for our fireplace mantle, where else.  It really added some color and pazazz!

Watching CC practice emerging skills, review mastered ones, and smile made my morning.  I wonder what else she will decorate before the holiday arrives??
Happy and safe 4th of July!!

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