Camp Read A Lot

Whew!  Camp Read A Lot is coming to a close and the kids have had a GREAT time.  Thank you SO much to parents who helped make our campers happy this week.  Our week started off on Monday morning with one of our parents checking kids in at the Camper Registration Desk.  A huge highlight was the camper mail that parents sent in.
As many of you know, I play a tiny bit of guitar… but nothing like one of our student’s moms!  Our special guest had the kids rocking out with their air guitars and put my really slow- hold on until I find the right chord- rendition of Itsy Bitsy Spider to shame!
The kids had a great time reading in our tents too.  I was so happy that one of our parents was able to bring in an extra tent because it was certainly a highlight of the week.  We had a different theme each day of the week.  Kids were able to sing campfire songs, read lots of different books about camping, do science and math activities around camping, write camping poems, and even go on a “hike” to find the perfect reading spot on our playground.
One highlight was reading under the stars.  We turned out the lights and did our buddy reading with flashlights.  I’m so thankful to have a great buddy class who will share fun camping ideas with us!  It made our week so much more special for the kids. 

You can’t go camping without some really fun camping snacks too!  A HUGE thank you goes out to my parents of allergy students.  I really appreciate you sending alternatives so kids would not feel left out, but that we could make accommodations so everyone could be involved.
Campfire cupcakes were a huge hit!
Making S’mores allowed for a great connection to writing.  It was a perfect tie in to our Sequence of Events and How-To writing.

We also enjoyed trail mix on our hike around the school.  Over all, I’d have to say it was one of the best weeks of the school year.  Often times, at this time of year, kids are just done.  They are tired and ready for the year to be over.  Having Camp Read A Lot this week has been perfect.  Kids were excited to come to school each day and thrilled to find out about our new adventure for the day.  Thanks for your help, parents!!
Happy camping!

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