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I’m a kindergarten teacher and the mother of a kindergartener.  I’m always on the look out for books my kids can read independently.  It’s not easy finding great books that 5 and 6 year olds can read.  We tried the BOB books, but my daughter thought they were boring.  I have to admit, I think they are a little boring too.
Last year one of the parents in my class shared a book set with me. I purchased this set, by Nora Gaydos, at Barnes and Noble. My daughter loves it! She earns stickers each time she reads a book. (Stickers are included in the set.) The set for Pre-readers is fantastic.  The Level 1 books are a pretty big jump, but I bought those as well.  They are pretty challenging, but something to work toward.


While I was browsing, I found these sets of non-fiction books. I’m in LOVE with these books! The text is repetitive and easy for kids to access. The pictures are actual photos. The books are really gorgeous! My daughter really enjoys reading these books to me. She feels so proud that she is actually reading. She needs a little help with some of the vocabulary, but really enjoys these books. I purchased every set I could find. The structure of the books mimic the stories we write in class too! My daughter and I wrote simple books like these at home.  I took  4 pictures of her making hot cocoa.  Then she labeled each step.  It was a great experience combining reading and writing.  She loved having the pictures of herself in the book too!


If you are interested in finding books that your kids are able to read with minimal support, these sets are good suggestions. Even when your kids are reading on their own, please remember that reading TO your kids will always be an important part of your daily routine! If you have suggestions for other great books, please share them in the comment section or send me an email!

Happy reading!

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