Reggio-Inspired Tree Unit

Exploring Trees Through Inquiry

A Reggio-Inspired Tree Unit

Marshall's Birthday and Tree Unit

Almost everything I do in my kindergarten classroom comes back to literacy. I believe that our literacy lives are the sums of our experiences. Kids bring their experiences and schema to the table when they read and write. If they have had limited experiences at home, we need to provide experiences for children in our classrooms. As we are reading and writing, during our science lessons, kids are constantly making connections between different books we have read, experiments we have done, and new questions they have formed.

In this Reggio-Inspired Inquiry Unit, You’ll Learn:

  • How to incorporate art and literacy into your science lessons
  • How to get kids excited about science learning
  • Several ideas for nature-based science lessons

Spring is a great time to start this unit, so visit Teachers Pay Teachers to get this Reggio-Inspired Tree Unit now!